The outrageous video of a person forcing his accomplice to chop his hair for alleged infidelity – CVBJ

Jealousy is one of a person’s worst enemies If you fall prey to these, you can do the worst crazy things that can sometimes end very badly.

In social networks A video of a Dominican Republic woman who was the victim of domestic violence because of the indignation caused by her husband, who was extremely jealous and attacked her integrity.

The recording shows A young woman named Paola Guzmán cries inconsolably while her partner, a man identified as Diego Mendoza Martínez, forces her to apologize and cut her hair, allegedly as a punishment for being “unfaithful” to her.

Incredibly, Mendoza is heard saying to his wife, with whom he has been living for a few months, that “women are killed for such things (an alleged infidelity)” but that he would not commit a crime and then go to jail. What could be nicer than cutting her hair than cutting her own hair, which she really liked.

He allegedly left her locked with a padlock and beat her, according to a source asking not to be identified.

After the video went viral, an anonymous source assured that the young woman next to this man had been in agony for leaving her locked and tied up in the house they shared out of jealousy and beaten her frequently .

Cabrera Municipality authorities intervened and rescued the 22-year-old woman It is in the hands of the public ministry to prosecute the case and protect the life and integrity of the victim.

While a team of prosecutors and police pursue the attacker, who is a refugee.

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