The perfect debt assortment companies of 2021

Here is a full list of debt collection agencies and a summary of each company’s offerings. This alphabetical list also contains our best tips.

Account management systems – AMS collects trade debts. This Tampa Bay-based collection service collects debt statewide, doesn’t charge upfront or registration fees, and only collects money when it collects your debt.

Alexander, Miller & Associates LLC – Alexander, Miller & Associates is a national agency specializing in large collections. It offers reminders, credit reports, on-site investigations, pre-litigation procedures and skip tracing. The company says it has collectors who specialize in trucking and cargo, seafood and product wholesale, restaurant supplies, and heavy equipment rentals.

American profit recovery – American Profit Recovery serves a variety of industries including small business, lawn maintenance / landscaping, and banking. According to the company, its mission is to pay off debts while treating everyone with dignity and respect. It provides an online portal for customers to enter new overdue accounts, monitor progress, and get a snapshot of American Profit Recovery’s performance.

System-compliant solutions – Asset Compliant Solutions is a commercial debt collection company that offers standard debt collection services as well as 45-day overdue secured loans, unsecured open and revolving credit lines and an online portal.

Atradius Collections – Although Atradius Collections is primarily a commercial debt collection agency based in the UK, it also has a base in the US. It specializes in multinational accounts and offers debt collection services in over 30 countries. It has a very high response rate. You can access the online portal to receive a free price quote.

National Collections of Aspen – Aspen National Collections works with the timeshare and education industries, as well as communities and utilities to collect outstanding debt. It adapts its collection strategies to each customer. This agency’s website has an online portal where you can log in and monitor the progress of your overdue accounts.

Benjamin Michael & staff Inc. – Benjamin Michael & Associates is based in New York City. The company uses techniques such as collection letters, skip tracing, and on-demand reports to help you collect debts from defaulting accounts.

BYL Collections – BYL Collections is a consumer and commercial debt collection company collecting debt across a variety of industries including B2B companies, utilities, e-commerce, direct marketers, and retailers. It offers a range of services including skip tracing and credit bureaus. BYL attaches great importance to compliance with legal regulations and the continuous training of employees and customers.

Credit management company – The Credit Management Company, founded in 1966, collects debt for governments, healthcare, colleges, financial services, and commercial companies. It has an online system for debtors to make payments. In also offers claims handling services.

Debt Collection Resources – This is a full service debt collection agency that not only helps with debt recovery, but can also help its customers improve their internal debt collection processes. Collections resources can manage accounts receivable, perform free legal background checks, and find debtors.

FCR debt collection services – Powered by FEDChex, FCR Collection Services offers multiple business payment solutions across the country. Services include check verification, automated clearing house, remote deposit capture, electronic payments and risk management.

Hunter Warfield – This debt collection agency serves a wide variety of industries including real estate management, medical practices, financial services, and commercial debt collections. This debt collection agency is best suited for companies that provide credit for goods or services, or that have extended relationship-based contracts.

* IC system – Founded in 1938, IC System is a consumer and commercial debt collection company employing all advanced tools and techniques to collect money for its customers. IC System collects debt in all 50 states and offers different pricing tiers based on the services a business requires.

Kearns, Brinen & Monaghan Inc. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Kearns, Brinen & Monaghan is a full-service debt collection agency for commercial debt collection companies serving a variety of industries. It offers clients an online portal and access to an in-house team of lawyers.

Martini, Hughes & Grossman – Martini, Hughes & Grossman offers bespoke approaches to debt collection. It has in-house legal advisors, uses skip-tracing technology, sends bi-monthly status reports, and collects both B2B and B2C accounts. It can track down national and international debt and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

National Service Office – The National Service Bureau helps with both B2B and B2C collections. It provides advance collections, third party collections, mail services, litigation, and skip tracing for a variety of industries including retail, education, finance, insurance, medical, telecommunications, and utilities.

* Prestige Services Inc. – PSI is our choice for the best B2B debt collection agency. It offers commercial debt collection services in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It provides professional skip tracing to help locate debtors and can investigate businesses. If the debtor does not pay despite all efforts of PSI, the agency can forward the bill to a lawyer in the debtor’s area.

Fast recovery solution – Rapid Recovery Solution offers debt collection services both nationally and internationally. It covers all commercial and medical billing accounts and uses a four-tier system to collect funds from debtors.

Revenue Assurance Partner – Revenue Assurance Partners tailors their service to your company. You can outsource as many or as few internal processes as you want. The company claims to have over 50 years of past due debt recovery experience. It also offers auditing, reporting, legal redirection, and other collection services.

* Rocket claims – This debt collection agency supports debt collection for small and medium-sized companies. It primarily focuses on the healthcare, education, professional services, residential, commercial, contract services, commercial and general retail sectors. It has fixed fees for newly overdue accounts and emergency rates for older accounts.

Ross, Stuart & Dawson Inc.- This commercial debt collection agency provides services to businesses across the United States. It can help you with follow-up letters and statements, soft calls, credit reports and portfolio liquidation services.

Rozlin Financial Group Inc.- RFGI is our pick for the best B2C debt collection agency. It uses a bespoke approach to engaging with debtors including phone, mail, email, and online chat. It serves a variety of industries including dental and medical offices, hospitals, schools, real estate management companies, utilities, retailers, and credit service providers (e.g., credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages). It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Smyyth LLC – Smyyth Collections LLC, a partnership with Leib Solutions LLC, is a commercial debt collection company serving a variety of industries including retail, property and casualty, health insurance, healthcare, law firms, and accountants. It offers basic functionality like first and third party collections, debt collection letters and calling services, as well as more advanced techniques like accounts receivable management and revenue cycle advice.

* Summit account closure – This agency is our pick as the best small business debt collection agency, serving both consumer and commercial debt collection companies. It offers an online portal, a skip tracing department and a process service. As soon as you register with this agency, you will receive an account manager who will answer all your questions.

The Kaplan Group – The Kaplan Group is a commercial debt collection company that specializes in international, judicial and large claims. It requires a minimum of $ 1,000 to be drafted and has low failure rates. It offers advanced debt collection services such as background research, credit analysis, skip tracing, legal services and payment plans.

TSI – This agency provides debt collection services to the commercial, educational, financial, government and healthcare industries for both SMBs and businesses. It offers basic collection services like dunning letters, calls and payment reminders, as well as advanced services like first and third party debtor management options and skip tracing.

TrueAccord TrueAccord focuses on consumer debt collection for small businesses. It relies on a mobile-optimized debt collection system and advanced technology to collect debts for its customers.

Tucker, Albin & Associated – This B2B debt collection agency has a network of over 500 private detectives and lawyers who help with debt collections worldwide. It uses a bespoke approach to collecting trade debt.

Vengroff Williams Inc.- This agency focuses on four specific collections areas: Credit-to-Cash, Subrogation, Revenue Cycle Management and Outsourcing of Collection Business Processes. It offers services such as first and third party collections, nationwide receivables management and debt collection.

VeriCore – This international debt collection company focuses on recovery, reporting and remittance. It requires a bespoke approach to every debt collection account, from gentle to confident.

Verliance Inc.- Verliance Inc. is a BBB accredited debt collection company primarily focused on the insurance industry. It offers many advanced debt collection services such as first and third party debt collection, benchmarking data, credit checks, default rate modeling, and asset searches.

Your debt collection solution – This debt collection agency collects consumer and business debts. It has a quota-based fee structure. Although your Collection Solution is headquartered in Florida, it can help collect debts in the US and several other countries. The company states that its management team has 30 years of industry experience.

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