The person suspects infidelity and exposes his spouse’s leg and hand

Bhopal: Suspected infidelity, man axes woman

March 10, 2021: Bhopal: The man suspects infidelity and exposes his wife’s leg and hand

A 32-year-old man allegedly attacked his wife with an ax on Tuesday evening on suspicion of an extramarital affair in Madhya Pradesh’s capital, Bhopal.

The defendant, who was reportedly in a drunk state, cut off his wife’s right hand and leg.

The police arrived on the spot and later arrested him.

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Details: The incident happened around 11:30 p.m. yesterday

The defendant, Pritam Singh Sisodia, a resident of Hoshangabad, used to live with his underage son.

His wife Sangeeta worked in a factory in Indore and visited Bhopal on her days off.

She was in Bhopal last night and around 11:30 p.m. the accused entered the house drunk and hacked off her right hand and foot.

Details: Sangeeta is fighting for life in the hospital

After hearing Sangeeta’s cry for help, the neighbors reached the house and found her in a pool of blood. The police were then informed.

After the cops arrived, Sangeeta was taken to a hospital.

She has been in critical condition ever since. “At this point in time, it cannot be said whether her hand and foot can be reattached,” said doctors at Hamidia Hospital.

Quote: This is what Nishatpura SHO said

Mahinder Singh Chouhan, SHO of the Nishatpura area, reportedly said, “Sangeeta works as a supervisor at a factory in Indore and came to Bhopal on non-working days.”

“She was in Bhopal on Tuesday and around 11:30 pm the defendant walked into his home drunk and hacked off her right hand and foot with an ax,” he added.

Fact: Attempted murder filed against defendants

The defendant has now been arrested and an attempted murder has been reportedly filed against him. In the meantime, the police have asked the family members of the victim for custody of their underage child.

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