The seek for a gunman turns into an investigation right into a lacking particular person

MACKENZIE, BC – The MacKenzie RCMP continues to search for a resident who is exhibiting worrying behavior, but the search is now devolving into a missing person inquiry.

The MacKenzie RCMP has been actively engaged with multiple partners, search and rescue, RCMP helicopters, ATV patrols, Remote Piloted Operating System (RPAS), the North District Emergency Response Team, Police Dog Services and the police boat in an attempt to Location used by Colin Taylor.

Since July 13, when it was first reported that he was acting erratically, officers have been working exhaustively for leads and leads in the Lost Lake Trail area.

Colin Taylor, 39, is believed to be unequipped for an extended stay in the wild and friends and family are seriously concerned for his health and well-being. Calvin was last seen wearing a baseball cap, white t-shirt and blue jeans.

Police continue their efforts to locate Colin Taylor, but additional resources have halted the search effort at this time after all leads have been exhausted.

The MacKenzie RCMP has been working with the MacKenzie District and continues to keep it informed of this ongoing investigation. In cooperation with the Mayor’s Office, a decision was made to temporarily close the trail system.

There is currently no indication that the public is at any immediate risk, but preventive measures such as Mayor Atkinson’s recommendations must be taken seriously.

A fuller release with more information may be forthcoming in the coming days.

Should anyone come across Colin Taylor, you are asked to contact the MacKenzie RCMP immediately at 250-997-3288.

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