The seek for the lacking Jackson man continues

JACKSON, Tenn. — In early August, a family became suspicious when they realized they hadn’t heard from any of their family members in a few days. Then they went to the Jackson Police Department and reported a missing person.

“When someone meets him for the first time, they don’t forget him. You know him and that’s the kind of person he is. He’s the type of person who loves his family and that’s why we know he’s missed because we hear from him,” said Kem Edwards, Jackie Edwards’ niece.

Family says Jackie Edwards has been missing since August 4th. Kem Edwards says he was never the disappearing guy so they knew something was wrong.

“We haven’t heard from him. We have a time frame in our family when you hear from each other and we haven’t heard from him and we’ve started checking each other out and asking if you’ve heard from him,” Kem Edwards said.

On the morning of August 23, the Jackson Fire Department and Jackson Police Department searched the Forked Deer River in hopes of finding Jackie Edwards.

Jackson police say they are doing everything they can to find him, including searching various bodies of water.

“Keep it up, keep it up, keep helping us find my Uncle Jackie. Most of many people know him so please keep it up. I appreciate you, love my Jacksonians and please help bring him home,” said Kem Edwards.

Kem Edwards says Jackie Edwards was a fun-loving man and was well known in the community. She says he was even known at his local bank and in various shops. Lately, however, she says he’s been very emotional.

“He has some breakdowns, he gets upset. He was upset about some things, some personal things between him and his partner. And when he gets upset, he cries. And he had a few fits of crying,” said Kem Edwards.

Kem Edwards says if she could tell her uncle one thing it would be to find help and that she loves him.

“Go to the nearest store, go to the nearest hospital, and most importantly, ‘I love you.’ What he knows, and I think he even knows in his mind, is that we’re looking for him. He knows there’s no doubt about it. He knows we’re looking for him,” Kem Edwards said.

If you have information about this search, call the Jackson Police Department at (731) 425-8400.

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