The seven kinds of {couples} susceptible to infidelity.

5. Compulsive behavior couple.

The range is considerable. It could be alcohol, drugs, porn, shopping, etc.

It goes without saying that the chances of cheating are very high when you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, especially if it’s a casual one-night affair.

However, the likelihood of getting involved in a long-term affair is also high. This is common when the alcohol or substance user denies their excessive use.

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6. Controlling couple.

Control in a couple can either be unilateral, where one partner is the controlling partner, or it can be bilateral, where the controlling dynamic is exercised by both partners over the other.

Regarding the occurrence of infidelity in these couples, it seems that the partner who feels marginalized by the other partner’s control because they have no voice is the one most likely to betray their need to be heard and valued will.

7. Abusing couple.

Just like “control” in couples, abuse can be one-sided or two-sided.

The term abusive is not a “static” observation. It is on a continuum of both type and intensity level.

For example, financial abuse typically describes the severe limitation of access to funds for daily living. The type is “financial”, the intensity is typically “high”. All other types of abuse can be categorized by intensity and type.

When it comes to verbal and emotional abuse, there are many variations of what is considered “abuse” or just “evil.” Therefore, we tend to side with conservatism, considering that when malice prevails, it is likely moderate emotional, verbal abuse. However it is viewed, an abused partner is drawn to a friendly colleague who treats him or her with respect.

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