The sheriff’s workplace arrests a wished Frederick girl in reference to a custody incident in Texas

She was found with her two children.

Amanda Shaw (Photo by Frederick County Sheriff’s Office)

Frederick, MD (KM) A Frederick woman was arrested this week in connection with a custody battle in Texas. The sheriff’s office says Amanda Lynn Shaw, 32, has been taken into custody and is awaiting extradition to the detention center.

Authorities say Shaw was awarded custody of their two children in December 2021 based on a divorce decree. Shortly thereafter, she refused to return custody of the children, aged eight and nine, to her ex-spouse, even telling him he would never see the children again.

In April 2022, a Harris County, Texas court awarded Shaw’s former spouse custody of the children and denied her custody of and access to their children. Harris County issued an arrest warrant for Shaw, charging her with interfering with child custody, and the names of her two children were entered into a national missionary personnel database, listing them as critically missing.

The Harris County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office contacted the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office last week and said they had good information that Shaw was in the Frederick area. The local refugee unit of the Sheriff’s Office took over the case.

On Wednesday afternoon, July 6, detectives saw Shaw and her children at a home on Ironsides Drive in Frederick. A short time later she left home with the children and took them to a restaurant on the 5000 block of Buckeystown Pike. The authorities met her there and took her into custody.

Deputies safely retrieved the two children and returned them to their father, who flew in from Texas later that day.

By Kevin McManus

By Kevin McManus

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