The Source | Tyrese responds after being fined over $650,000 in custody battle

Last weekend, Tyrese asked all fathers to join him for prayer at his court hearing – but his protest was immediately dropped. Now the actor/singer is seeking an appeal and a new trial after being ordered to pay his ex-wife $237,944 in child support and $399,000 to her attorney.

Tyrese is calling on his father’s advocacy groups to help him draft a bill for Congress after a judge ordered him to pay around $650,000 in child support and attorney’s fees in his child custody case. TMZ reported that Tyrese appeared in court in Fulton County Tuesday and was ordered to pay his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson $237,944. He also has to pay Samantha’s attorney an additional $399,000.

Tyrese returned to court after refusing to pay the $10,000 a month child support he was ordered to pay last August. He claimed the judge was “racist” towards him and felt the amount was excessive. He told the court Tuesday that his ex was well paid, so he shouldn’t have to spend as much money to support his child.

However, the judge convicted him of contempt of court for his refusal to comply with the order. In addition to the $636,944 he must pay his ex and her attorney, Tyrese must hand over $17,000 to the special master. TMZ calls the role “a sort of arbitrator appointed by the judge to handle minor disputes during the case.” In all, the Fast & Furious star has nearly $654,000 to raise.

Tyrese issued a statement on Instagram admitting he wasn’t surprised by the verdict. He thanked his supporters for appearing in court and called on the father’s advocacy groups to help fight for changes in the law.

“I am ready, along with a whole host of other fathers who continue to be screwed by the family court system…. I’ve never been the type of man to sit still b#### on my hands and moan about everything at home…. I stand UP a and speak UP a and OUT about injustice,” Tyrese said.

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