The S’wak Syariah Department of Justice protects the rights of wives and dependent children

Awang Suhaili (fifth from left) presents the BSK Relief Fund to a recipient.

MIRI (March 8): The Sarawak Syariah Justice Department (JKSS), through the Family Support Division (BSK), will always protect the rights of wives and children against husbands or fathers who fail to comply with the alimony order issued by the Syariah Court.

JKSS Chief Syarie Judge Datu Awang Suhaili Ledi said BSK is a department responsible for implementing and enforcing the Syariah Court’s maintenance order regarding arrears of child support, spousal support, iddah and mutaah.

“To ensure that the process of enforcing the Syariah Court order runs smoothly, particularly in the case of alimony arrears, BSK has established the Monitoring Unit (UP), the Legislation Advisory Service Unit (UKNP), the Enforcement Unit and Order Execution Unit (UPPP) and the Fund Management Unit (UPD),” he explained in his address while officiating at the presentation of the BSK Assistance Fund and Asnaf Contribution at the Miri Marriot Resort and Spa (MMRS) yesterday.

Awang Suhaili said all entities are acting together to ensure that the judgment creditors, particularly children and wives, are not prosecuted for father or husband failure to comply with the maintenance order.

He said the increased cost of living cannot be used by a husband or father as an excuse to ignore their responsibilities.

On BSK support, he said the fund will be overseen by the UPD unit specifically for BSK clients, namely wives and children who have received a maintenance order from the Syariah court.

He explained that the support fund is provided to ensure that the well-being of wives and children is deducted while waiting for the alimony enforcement proceedings to be completed.

Later at the event, he presented the support from the BSK fund to 17 recipients from Kuching and Miri.

He also presented five recipients with Asnaf donations from the JKSS Welfare & Recreation Club.

Also present were JKSS Registrar Abdul Karim Mohd Nuli, Administrative Officer Arshad Samsu, representing Miri resident Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusud, and Malay Community Chief of Miri Division Temenggong Dato, Abdul Rahman Abang Fadzail.

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