The Telangana Supreme Court docket ordered the defiant husband to pay alimony inside 10 days

HYDERABAD: The Telangana Supreme Court took seriously a man who violated a court ruling to pay permanent alimony to his ex-wife and two children and made it clear that he could order and pay for his property to be auctioned.

A departmental bank consisting of Chief Justice Hima Kohli and Judge A. Abhishek Reddy dealt with an appeal from A. Laxmi Tulasi and asked the court to order her former husband A. Surendar to pay Rs 40 lakh as alimony to them She took 2.5 hectares of farmland in Palkonda from Mahbubnagar Urban Mandal to her son. She also asked the court to order her husband to transfer part of his ancestral home in Palakonda in her name.

Her complaint was that her husband, Surendar, had not paid her anything since 2006, after a family court issued a maintenance decree, to this day. She had trouble making ends meet, Laxmi Tulasi told the court.

According to her, her two children, who were one and three years old at the time of the divorce, have now grown up. So she prayed that at least part of the offer made to her would be honored immediately. She told the High Court that Surendar had said he was willing to give only Rs 10 lakh as alimony.

During a hearing on December 23, 2020, the High Court ordered Surendar to pay Rs 5 lakh immediately in split money. When asked to transfer ownership, the court ordered the Tahsildar of Palakonda to produce a report after the values ​​of the properties Surendar owned were assessed.

Surendar ignored the orders that infuriated the court. As a final warning, if orders were not fulfilled within 10 days, an auction of his properties would be arranged to raise money for permanent upkeep.

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