The three US cities with the very best charges of infidelity are all in the identical state

Cheating can happen anywhere, but there is one state where infidelity is particularly common. researched infidelity rates in the US, comparing national data on marriage, separation and divorce. They also considered life satisfaction, online affair searches, and local data such as the number of nightclubs per capita. Using this information, they ranked the most unfaithful cities in America. And the top three are all in the same state: Texas.

Dallas took first place, followed by Fort Worth and Houston. All three scored relatively high on the number of Google searches for affairs and low on the study’s happiness index. Pre-pandemic statistics from Ashley Madison, a dating service for people seeking affairs, also highlighted three Texas cities on its own “infidelity hotlist”: Garland, Plano, and Arlington — all in or near the Dallas area -Fort Worth.

Statistically, if you live in Texas, the odds may be stacked against you and your significant other. Luckily, you can find sanctuary in one of’s most loyal cities. In this list, too, the top 4 cities are in just one state. The most loyal cities in order are Pasadena, Torrance, Roseville and Visalia – all located in sunny California. And surprisingly, two Texas cities also made the top 10: Laredo at No. 5 and McAllen at No. 9.

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