The unprecedented case of Franco Parisi, the Chilean presidential candidate who owes a millionaire alimony and campaigns from the USA.

Chilean presidential candidate Franco Parisi got into serious controversy after a feature television show revealed that he would pay at least 207 million pesos to support his two underage children if he returned to the country, he could be arrested.

Since the Teletrece channel released the report last week, the People’s Party’s standard bearer has denied the allegations, despite various court documents showing it since 2016 it no longer covers the corresponding quotas and that there is even an arrest warrant against him.

Parisi is a 54-year-old Conservative leader who is running for the presidency for the second time. In 2013 when he made his first attempt, he finished fourth with 10% of the vote. He tried again in 2017, but couldn’t even officially register. On this occasion it received the support of the People’s Party, but it is proceeding with an intention to vote does not exceed 7%.

In 2018, Parisi settled in the American city of Alabama, from where he had an active media presence in Chile, which enabled him to stay in effect before public opinion and run for president this year.

Nevertheless, Your campaign was completely virtual, since he has not returned to the country, although it is less than two months before the November 21st elections. He didn’t even take part in the first presidential debate last Wednesday.

The television investigation showed the court documents that certify that Parisi owes 207 million pesos plus rework, interest and costs. Because of the repeated non-compliance, a court in August last year issued measures such as his driver’s license disqualified and an arrest warrant preventing him from leaving the country even though he was already in the US and had no intention of returning in order to identify himself as “politically persecuted ” to explain.

And did anyone have any doubts that our rise in the polls and the biggest game would leave Luksics Channel 13 alone? Here’s a new attack that we’ll win in the end, too. What’s the difference this time? people don’t believe them anymore and i’m no longer ALONE.

– Franco Parisi President (@Parisi_official) September 19, 2021


The main presidential candidates questioned Parisi’s negligence towards his family and even promised legislative reforms to prevent these situations from recurring in the future.

The standard bearer of the left alliance I Approve Dignity, Gabriel Boric, who leads the polls, assessed the attitude of his opponent as “a shame”as it is of the opinion that “it cannot be allowed and naturalized that the parents do harm with the pension”, regardless of whether they want to take on public duties or not.

He also reiterated that one of his government proposals will be to promote a bill that will allow the state to prosecute food debtors as this is a common problem.

Sebastian Sichel, from the right-wing coalition Chile Vamos, warned that nothing can justify “that a father does not take care of his children And that’s why he’s not in Chile. “And in this line he made a promise in the middle of the campaign:“ Nobody is committed to ethics and that’s why I want to include them as a legal obligation. “

He also questioned whether Parisi has the ability to run the state should he become president. “We can hardly hand over caring for the nation to someone who cannot answer the basics or stick to the basics of what caring for their children is,” he said.

The center-left Yasna Provoste, who ranks third on voting intent polls, agreed that the story is shameful and shows that someone who is unable to protect their family will be less able to look after the country .

“The Parisi situation not only requires the maximum sanction of justice, but also the social sanction. It is not possible for one person to appear for the most important tasks, such as directing the path of a country, ”he said.

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Socialist MP Carolina Marzán, meanwhile, awaited the submission of a bill that would prohibit food debtors from running for popular office.

“It is not possible that those who impersonate authorities and rule are unable to meet their social, moral and basic obligations to provide child support for their sons and daughters,” he said.

Currently he added only 16% of people that has to cover the maintenance they are fulfilling their obligationswhich means 84% ​​have defaulted or are maintaining some level of late payment.

“It is an extremely violent situation towards children and adolescents as well as the father or mother who is solely responsible for the maintenance and upbringing of their children,” he explained.

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