The Uttar Pradesh courtroom ordered the girl to pay alimony to the estranged husband 2,000 rupees a month, in line with Meerut Information

MUZAFFARNAGAR: After over seven years of legal proceedings, a court in the UP district of Muzaffarnagar ordered a 58-year-old woman to pay a monthly alimony of Rs 2,000 to her estranged husband, who has no permanent source of income.
Kishori Lal Sohankar, now 62 years old, runs a tea room in Muzaffarnagar’s town of Khatauli. And his former wife, Munni Devi, recently retired from the army where she worked as a Class IV clerk. She will get Rs 12,000 as a pension, sources said.
They split in 2013, roughly 23 years after tying the wedding knot. And one son from the marriage lives with the mother in Kanpur.
“First, Sohankar filed a lawsuit in the family court for instructions on how to get his wife home. But she refused to stay with him. At that point, he went to the court to ask for monthly alimony, ”said BK Tayal, the lawyer who represented Sohankar in court.
But it took Tayal a while to convince the court, as examples of women paying alimony to their estranged husbands are rare in the country. And they never heard of it in Muzaffarnagar, he said. The phenomenon is increasing in the USA and in European countries.
“There is a section in the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 that says that a woman can provide alimony to the separated husband. Based on this section and other evidence, the family court judge Tripta Chaudhary ordered Munni Devi to pay her husband alimony of 2,000 rupees, ”Tayal told TOI.

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