“There are males in society who like infidelity,” says Amar Khan

Actress Amar Khan made a shocking revelation on the red carpet of Pakistan’s biggest and most glamorous event, the Lux Style Awards 2022 During Mastam star shared that in our society there are men who deal with infidelity like the character of Syed Jibran in her ongoing series To install Daraar.

She further explained her statement that among these unfaithful men there are strong girls who stand against betrayal and speak out for their rights.

Here is the video below,

The actress actually spoke about the history of her series darar with Syed Jibran.

Daraar is a tale of love, dreams and obsession that raises questions and seeks deeper answers to complex but strange relationships.

The story revolves around the simple-minded young girl Irha (Amar Khan) who believes in hard work and supports her family financially.

Irha’s life takes a happy turn when Shaheer Ahmed (Syed Jibran), a handsome and successful businessman, falls in love with her. Despite being a self-made man, Shaheer is humble and quiet by nature, but no one is aware of his dark side.

Surprised and skeptical about her good fortune, Irha tries to stay away from him. Despite Irha’s reluctance, Shaheer refuses to step down and insists on marrying her.

Dramas aside, true cases come before us that prove there are such people among us. Like the recent case of actor Feroze Khan, whose ex-wife Aliza Sultan accused him of domestic violence and infidelity. Before Feroze, actor Mohsin Abbas Haider was also accused by his ex-wife of the same allegations.

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