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They reveal the infidelity of Jenni Rivera, the band’s diva! | .

The name of the singer Jenni Rivera is still fondly remembered by his followers, but it seems that other people seek to tarnish his name, such as Esteban Loaiza Her ex-husband, who claimed that the interpreter of “What will you give me when I come back?” Was unfaithful to him.

It was some time before Jenni Rivera’s name became known. When she started her career there were very few women interpreting the Mexican region. So we can say that she was one of the pioneers who opened the doors to this genre of music played by women. because it was an exclusive “market” for men.

Over the years, Chiquis Rivera’s mother grew in popularity. Jenni Rivera became one of the greatest exponents of the genre despite being a woman. She had a strong character, but at the same time was very sweet and a woman he was not let everyone but also defend the defenseless, throughout his life he had large potholes and problems affecting his home, but he managed always going forward with your head held high.

Unfortunately, the interpreter for “Oblivion is not coming” lost her life on December 9, 2012 and made millions cry over her departure and the shock of not being able to believe.

Three years after this sad event, not only for her family but also for her admirers, her ex-husband Esteben Loaiza confirmed this Jenni Rivera He had been unfaithful to him after he was also accused of being unfaithful to Chiquis Rivera, the band’s diva’s eldest daughter. The former baseball player therefore decided to give his version of events and make a strong revelation which he says hurt him a lot.

He mentioned in an interview with Primer Impacto on a YouTube video released on April 27, 2015, titled “Esteban Loaiza Tells the Truth About Famous Video That Cost Him Divorce,” in which he shared a strong secret about Jenni Rivera revealed.

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Diva de La Banda’s ex, Esteban Loaiza, broke the silence and told his version of the story. First Influence: Find the most shocking news and reports in the US and the world presented by Bárbara Bermudo and Pamela Silva-Conde “Description of the video.

The former baseball player claims he found out about his ex-wife’s infidelity almost at the end of their divorce, he didn’t mention any details, he just stated that it hurt a lot because when he got married he was and was in love lived happily with Jenni Rivera, despite allegations against him of being in a relationship with his wife’s own daughter.

Maybe he didn’t want to reveal more details about what had happened because he wanted to bring out a book and also a documentary in which he would reveal even more “things” about what happened in his relationship with Jenni RiveraHowever, he claims that he cannot speak ill of a woman who fought so hard not only for her children but also for her career and many other things.

Something Esteban Loaiza also mentioned is that he would not have to ask forgiveness from any of the family members Jenni RiveraBecause he had done nothing wrong, he had his wife, he was happy and did not disturb anyone in the house where they lived with the other family members.

Many believe that Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband lied in the interview, because of the love and respect they have for Jenni Rivera, they couldn’t see her as anyone else unfaithful.

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