This could be Gerard Pique’s first infidelity to Shakira

since the separation between Gerard Pique And Shakira, life was a real hell for both of them. With each passing day, a new story emerges that escalates differences and plays an important role in times of court battles. The Spaniard appears to have recovered from the split and is openly dating Clara Chia Marty.

The Barcelona defender attended several events with his new partner where he was spotted kissing. But lately, it has emerged that this 23-year-old isn’t the only woman she’s dating Gerard Pique duped colombian singerAccording to a journalist at the time, three other infidelities were recorded in addition to Clara.

Pic and Clara don’t hide from cameras

In this sense, the split of the paparazzi who followed in the footsteps of Jordi Martin, the footballer, and Shakira, one of the couples most admired by the fans, was confirmed and revealed details of the defender’s first deception. Speaking to the show Amor y Fuego, he confirmed a rumor that circulated in 2012 about a marital crisis over a possible affair with Israeli model Bar Refaeli.

“This crisis was triggered because he caught messages with Bar Refaeli. But it wasn’t just news, it was intimate encounters.”The Spanish historian explained and assured that the information is true as he took the photos of Shakira after she discovered the infidelity when she left the house where they lived with 13 suitcases. Gerard PiqueIn the end, the woman from Barranquilla forgives the deception, not knowing that this will not remain the only case.

Bar Refaeli was a former partner of Leonardo DiCaprio

other infidelity

Throughout his segment at the same Spanish event, Jordi Martin revealed more about the other women who have been in the footballer’s life while he was in a relationship with the artist. First and foremost, he dates back to 2016, when he had an intimate encounter with his ex-partner, Nuria Tomas, as part of the “Concentration of the Spanish Team”. He was in Las Rojas and he goes to Nuria’s apartment in Madrid, he takes a taxi and they see each other for two hours.

And the last recorded incident happened in 2020 with a Catalan woman, although her identity has not been revealed. “It is not known and it happened in the bathroom of a famous nightclub in Barcelona,” the journalist clarified.

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