Three Wayne County ladies arrested on suspected custody flight; Youngsters discovered

WAYNE COUNTY, Ind. – According to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, three Wayne County refugees were arrested Wednesday after trying to escape with three children and withhold two of the children from their fathers, deliberately ignoring a court order.

In early September, the authorities sought information on the whereabouts of the women and children involved in the case.

The children were 3, 3 and 8 years old.

The Wayne County, Indiana courts issued arrest warrants for Heather Jo Frost for infringing custody of a criminal offense, Nancy Frost for encroaching on custody, and Abbey Frost for encroaching on custody and assisting a criminal.

According to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation found that Heather was being helped by her mother, Nancy Frost, and her sister, Abbey, to evade law enforcement and hide the children.

Police said the Frosts avoided the arrest and refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Wayne County authorities said they received a lead on Sunday from a citizen witness who saw photos of women and children about the possible location of the frosts.

Working with the United States Marshal Service, a search warrant was issued and additional evidence was found that led investigators to a hotel in Greenfield, according to WCSO.

On Wednesday, U.S. marshals replied to the hotel and found the six there, according to the sheriff’s office. Heather, Abby and Nancy Frost were arrested.

One child was reunited with his father under a Wayne Superior Court Two court order. The other two children were temporarily taken to the childcare department.

The investigation into this situation is still ongoing.

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