TikTok increase! Addison Rae UNFOLLOWS mom Sheri Easterling amid infidelity drama along with her father Monty Lopez

After Addison Rae unfollowed her father Monty Lopez on Instagram, she took the plunge and also unfollowed her mother Sheri Easterling on the platform. The family drama seems endless as it was revealed this summer that Rae’s father Monty was having an alleged affair with a 25-year-old named Renée Ash. Now it seems that Addison isn’t very happy with her mother either.

Over the weekend after Addison unfollowed her mother, a TikTok account called TikTokroom revealed with a screenshot that the 21-year-old internet star had unfollowed her mother. In response to the news, Sheri commented on the post, “Heartbreaking,” while adding a sad face to express her disappointment, per Just Jared. Netizens believe Rae’s recent unfollowing actually makes sense given that parents were out of control on the platform and particularly embarrassed since Sheri had started openly flirting with rapper Yung Gravy on the app and Monty his dislike had shown against the two meeting in a TikTok in which he challenged the rapper to a wrestling match.

Not only does Monty annoy each other, but he also attacks other celebs on the platform. While Tana Mongeau shared her thoughts on Monty’s TikTok and challenged rapper Yung Gravy when she commented, “I’m calling the police” as she didn’t like Mongeau’s interference, Monty responded to her comment with highly derogatory remarks, writing, “About yours body count? ‘ and further commented, ‘Go and take a bath.’ This insult to the famous vlogger led to her doing a TikTok on the subject when Tana leaked Monty’s lyrics in the clip, which she captioned, “@Monty please allow me to collect and follow up on the receipts. disgusting.”

In the clip, she first made it clear that her comment was just a joke, later adding, “I was commenting on that and he was like, ‘Go take a bath.’ I took a bath today, but that’s beside the point. And I’ve held back throughout this scandal.” She continued, “But clearly he (Lopez) wants a beef. And above all, I don’t know why a grown man, a father, would even talk about my body size is a mystery to me. But you’ve all seen the paparazzi video of him coming down for a selfie.” Mongeau revealed with text receipts, “And I’m tired of insisting on Facetime requests like this. You think all my young friends have tired of him acting like this.”

Mongeau dropped the bombshell when she revealed: “When I actually saw him nose so many things at several teenage events. And I remember a few events where I had to keep you from my friends. In houses, in bedrooms, because they were scared.” In the face of such massive scandals, it was only a matter of time before Addison would unfollow both of her parents.

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