Tips about how you can cope with custody mediation

Divorce or separation from a spouse can take a tremendous psychological toll, and in addition, you can ease worries about custody.

As a parent, you must be prepared for the legal process of obtaining custody or visitation rights, especially if the family is going through a divorce. Going to court to settle your parental leave will seem daunting; However, as you need to plan more time and decide if you are ready for this change in your life and circumstances, you need to prepare. If a court case is likely to ensue, all parties involved must meet with the appointed judge with mandatory mediation services prior to any scheduled meeting. There will be mediation and you need to be prepared for it as some states follow it as a strict rule.

The good thing is that the person conducting these mediation sessions has to be neutral. You must handle your case thoroughly, especially when it comes to domestic violence, abuse, etc. Also, they can suggest the best plan for your children’s future. So if you know a custody battle is coming, you should consider speaking to reputable family attorneys in Beverly Hills. They specialize in all aspects of family law, including mediation. Whether you’ve been a victim of domestic violence or a perpetrator, here are some tips to help you come to mediation.

victims of domestic violence

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You can ask to arrange a separate session if you don’t want to be in the same room as your abuser. But generally, a mediator expects the two of you to attend this session together so that each knows what the other has to say. Since it can be unavoidable, it’s best to be mentally strong. If something bothers you, jot it down as talking points with the mediator. Make sure you remain fully invested in your child’s interests. You can relate to the negative effects of domestic violence on your child and why your parenting plan can be better for your ward’s well-being. However, this does not mean that you can prevent the other parent from visiting or caring for the child.

Charged with domestic violence

The custody battle only becomes distressing if you were an abuser or a defendant. Therefore, you must attend the session with full attention when caring for your child. Since the other parent will use the accusation to cut off parenting rights, you need to be ready with your answers. It would be helpful if you took a class on managing your anger or caring for your child. You can submit your credentials as proof of your intent. However, your focus should not be on addressing the allegations. Remember that this session is primarily for your child and their future. So talk about what may be in the child’s best interest. You can talk about the children’s education, health care and other important aspects.

Divorce or separation from a spouse can take a tremendous psychological toll, and in addition, you can ease worries about custody. But it’s not the time to be emotionally harassed when you can put things into perspective. If you cannot do this yourself, your family lawyer can advise you. So count them in so you can navigate through this stage.

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