Tisha Campbell receives no baby help or baby help in divorce from Duane Martin; The whole lot she obtained was leased to BMW

Tisha Campbell just did an interview in which she said her husband left her only $ 7 for her name.

If that’s true, according to TMZ, she can’t expect anything more from him in the divorce.

Tisha Campbell’s nasty divorce from Duane Martin is finally over … she doesn’t get any benefit payments, but she gets a house and a car.

Tisha and Duane received the judge’s final stamp for their divorce on Wednesday, and the verdict shows that neither party is receiving support from the other for children or spouses.

According to the documents received from TMZ, Tisha will keep a rental property and a leased 2020 BMW. Duane also goes away with a rented space and a few cars, including a 2014 Bentley, a BMW scooter, and a Kawasaki motorcycle.

Hope the lease has a good price.

According to Campbell, Martin has liquidated all of her money, including her money from her career. She says he hid money and left the relationship as a millionaire.

Turn the page for Tisha and say she’s broke.

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