Tom Girardi Responds to Erika Jayne’s Divorce Petition; Urges the court docket to finish Erika’s upkeep capability

Before we start judging Real housewives from Beverly Hills star Erika JayneI’m just asking you to remember one thing. You have no idea what she’s going through at night! And whatever you do, avoid suggesting that she fake amnesia and not remember that her “company” ALLEGED received funnel money from casualties.

poor ErikaThis could be a new literal term instead of a figurative term. After filing for divorce from Tom GirardiErika followed the path of many women and asked her estranged husband for support through marriage. But Big Tommy is a big lawyer who is in big trouble so he may not have the money to push in their direction. Tom responded to Erika’s maintenance request and let’s just say, ‘ol Denise Richards laughs in her morning cup of casamigos.

Erika found itself in pretty much a pretty mess. As we all know, maintaining such a wealthy, high-end lifestyle is XXPEN $ IVE. If glamor is $ 40,000 a month and you’re playing clubs with a maximum room capacity of 25 on a private jet, the fees usually add up. Amid the filing for the dissolution of the marriage of Big TommyErika has applied for a monthly grant to allow her to receive 20 inches of synthetic hair and a Gucci tracksuit collection. She might want to go upstairs and say a prayer in her Latter-day Whores Church because Big Tommy said NOPE.

According to Us Weekly, though Erika asked Tom How many fucks he gives the answer is zero. In court documents filed with the Los Angeles Supreme Court on November 25, the 81-year-old powerhouse attorney called for the court’s ability to provide assistance to the spouse to be terminated Real housewives from Beverly Hills Stern, 49. He’s also asked that she pay his attorney’s fees. “Paying his attorney’s fees? Erika may need a pain reliever to absorb this information. And if you think I’ll keep using Erika’s song title against her in this article, I could do that all day.

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in the Erika On November 2, it was determined that she intended to seek support from her spouses Tom. She also asked the judge to stop Big Tommy from asking her wife for assistance. With Tom’s law firm about 5 minutes away from bankruptcy, Erika could be the only one making a paid gig. Karma I can’t be with you girl PK and Dorit Kemsleys Court drama went so Erika and Tom’s court drama could fly.

While Tom and Erika enjoyed an unconventional marriage, nor did they sign a marriage agreement. The divorce took a nasty and sketchy turn when both Tom and Erika were charged with fraud. Some people call Erika cold, but it’s not ice cream, it’s embezzlement. ALLEGEDLY. A class action lawsuit accuses the couple of breaking up as a “sham attempt to fraudulently protect their money from debt collection agencies.”

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Erika and Tom I have not addressed the lawsuit publicly, but I bet they would prefer privacy during their troubled times. I bet the families of the victims of Lion Air Flight 610 would prefer the money they owe during their troubled times. Erika and Big Tommy are on a roller coaster ride on a journey that is currently facing a civil court. However, it has the potential to become a criminal. Erika may not get support from the wife because her ex may be in jail. Maybe Erika could sell some old CDs out of the trunk of her car to calm herself down. Although Erika has lost a husband, at least next time she has something to share RHOBH Season. Because you are open and honest.

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TELL US – ARE YOU SURPRISED THAT TOM DOES NOT WANT TO PAY SUPPORT? Is Divorce A Big Deception? Do you think it will get worse?

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