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India’s top 5 best GPS trackers for your vehicle 2023
If you own a private vehicle, you’re not the only one concerned about the safety of your vehicle and passengers in shady parking lots or when driving on dangerous and unsafe routes. Unfortunately, India also has a poor record when it comes to road accidents. Over 1,000 people are killed or injured on Indian roads every year. Many Indian startups have recognized the weakness and have worked tirelessly to develop GPS-enabled vehicle security solutions for theft prevention and rescue. Vehicle owners or police officers can simply follow the tracking system’s signal to locate a robbed vehicle or assist a random passenger. Many GPS trackers come with apps that allow drivers to track things like speed, route, and distance traveled in real time. Below are the top five startups making Indian roads safer:Trak N Tell

Trak N Tell is a Gurgaon-based auto telematics solutions start-up founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Pranshu Gupta and Ritu Gupta, offering connected vehicle tracking and security devices that ensure the safety of the car and family members both on and off the vehicle Street. Trak N Tell connects customers to their vehicles’ sensors using the latest flavors of IoTIntelliPlay, analyzes the data received from the vehicle and allows users to monitor them from anywhere using the Trak N Tell app. Specifications include Smart Vehicle Tracking, Car Finder/Locator, Geo-Fence Notification, Overspeed Alerts, Engine Health Status, Engine Immobilizer, Crash Alert Call, Panic Button and more. The state-of-the-art IntelliPlay range also includes a reversing camera and dash cam, allowing vehicle owners to see exactly what’s going on around them. Its large screen also supports a variety of Android Auto and Apple Car Play functions, making it an excellent infotainment system. Trak N Tell is mainly active in India, but also in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Guatemala, Guyana and other countries. Trak N Tell connected car devices have been successfully retrofitted to over two lakh vehicles to date.

Ospox, founded in 2013 and developed by Traxoid, is a provider of cloud-based technology solutions for schools/colleges for school bus monitoring, RFID-based automated library systems and school management systems. Parents and carers can breathe a sigh of relief as the application provides real-time school bus tracking and bus attendance. It retrieves real-time data from a GPS tracker installed in school vehicles and displays the vehicle’s current location on a map. Customers of the app can also see route history and speed limit violations. In addition, users can track distance and stops made, making pickup and drop-off planning easier and more convenient. In addition, the app generates automatic pickup and drop-off notifications when students arrive and depart from specific bus stops.
Secure Cameras

Safe Cams, an Indian brand of dash cams, was founded in 2018 with the aim of providing commuters with smart vehicle safety devices. Safe Cams provides in-car safety solutions that help reduce traffic accidents and, in the event of an incident, provides video evidence of the incident to serve as an independent eyewitness in court. Safe Cams offers a variety of dash cams and car video recorders to suit every budget. The company builds dashcam models like the D series, Y series, and SC series that include features like a low-light sensor, wide-angle lens, loop recording, auto-start options, and more. The brand’s state-of-the-art cameras include advanced features such as 4G connectivity, real-time streaming, GPS tracking and dual cameras.


Intangles is a Pune-based IoT company specializing in Advanced Telemetry and Operations Automation. Intangles has developed its own set of proprietary algorithms that allow fleet operators to track vehicle performance in real-time. It provides various solutions for vehicle tracking, vehicle health monitoring, driver behavior monitoring, fuel monitoring and other purposes. Intangles also supplies hardware devices such as OBD devices and fuel sensors that can be installed in vehicles and customized with the Indium software platform to enable real-time tracking and access. In addition, the company includes features such as predictive monitoring, an interactive dashboard, hybrid fleet analytics, and others. Intangles USP is its proprietary state-of-the-art algorithms that empower fleet operators to make informed decisions.

MapmyIndia was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in New Delhi. It is an Indian technology company that develops digital map data, telematics services, location-based SaaS and GIS AI technologies. MapmyIndia has grown to become the industry leading telematics solution for vehicle tracking and fleet management. As the market for telematics solutions grows, MapmyIndia has expanded its services to serve as many industries as possible. MapmyIndia’s innovative logistics tracking solution provides insight into vehicle locations and activities regardless of geographic location. It gives a clear picture of where resources, assets and cargo are at any given time, increasing security and asset protection. In an emergency, MapmyIndia’s “Panic Button” feature sends a security alert or notifies the vehicle owner’s contacts. The Vehicle Lock feature disables the vehicle’s ignition in the event of misuse, theft, or kidnapping.

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