TVC-Mall automotive GPS trackers include superior options that assist homeowners reduce gas and upkeep prices

The online electronics store recently unveiled its 2022 collection of car GPS trackers.

TVC-Mall, a leading online store selling a wide range of consumer electronics products, recently released its all-new line of car GPS tracking devices that would help car owners track car fuel and maintenance costs minimize. The owners claimed that the GPS tracking devices launched by the company come with many advanced features such as fuel level gauge, vehicle diagnostics, engine temperature gauge, etc. They added that car owners could receive timely warnings and improve vehicle safety with the latest devices launched by the company.

According to the owners, the car GPS tracking devices offer a wealth of advantages that both private car owners and fleet operators can enjoy. On the one hand, the devices can help them keep the operation and maintenance costs down, on the other hand, the devices can be very effective when it comes to route planning and locating the assets. They claimed that the devices are designed to improve fuel efficiency and safety of all types of cars by several notches.

“These devices have many additional functions and the GPS data can be very useful when it comes to locating vehicles in the event of incidents and planning routes. We are now offering the devices at a reduced price, so car owners can at least get their hands on these devices without paying too much and see how these devices are performing in their use,” said one of the top executives of TVC- Mall during a recent press conference.

According to the manager, the online electronics store has also developed a series of car decoration products. From decals to 3D eyelashes for car headlights, the company has a lot to offer car owners and fleet owners this summer. In addition, the company presented its latest collection of motorcycle accessories.

The company’s CEO and General Manager said, “We make useful gadgets for car owners who want to add feature-rich gadgets and add-ons to their vehicles. Anyone looking to retrofit their vehicle with advanced tracking systems and add-ons will find a good deal on our website.”

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