Two individuals arrested for bundle theft in Bayonne after police carried out GPS monitoring

Two people were arrested in Bayonne for stealing parcels after police implemented a system that tracked “dummy” parcels by GPS devices.

By John Heinis / Hudson County View

The initiative is overseen by the Bayonne Police Community Oriented
Police Department (COP) in coordination with the Bayonne Police Detective Bureau, said Police Captain Eric Amato.

The initiative involves officials placing the “dummy” packages in random locations on porches or stoops, as if they had recently been delivered. The officers then monitor the package and wait for a thief to strike.

On December 15, 53-year-old Rose Doria of Jersey City was taken into custody from the 58th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard areas after she was seen behaving suspiciously in the area of ​​the dummy package.

When officers approached her and spoke to her, they discovered that she owned two Amazon packages that were not addressed to her.

The on-site investigation confirmed that Doria had just stolen the packages from the porches of two nearby apartment buildings. Doria has been charged with two thefts and the packages have been returned to their rightful owners, officials said.

The following day, December 16, Luis Santana, 26, of Columbus, Ohio, was taken into custody from 57th Street and C Avenue after being watched by officers
Removing the dummy package from a porch of a residence.

During the search incident leading to the arrest, Santana was found to be in possession of two electric hair clippers that were later stolen by Santana shortly before the Rite Aid dummy package on 1097 Broadway was stolen.

Santana was also found to be in possession of narcotic paraphernalia and a hypodermic syringe.

As a result, he was charged with theft, shoplifting, possession of narcotic paraphernalia and possession of a hypodermic syringe, authorities said.

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