Two new democracy legislators won’t assist custody regulation Greece, Politics

ATHENS – A draft law reforming family law, which had already been amended after heavy criticism, was rejected by two lawmakers of the ruling New Democracy in a rare break with party discipline, in which rebels are often booted.

Under Amnesty International’s shelling that criminals would have the right to share custody of children, MPs Marietta Giannakou and Olga Kefalogianni tabled joint proposals for changes.

They argued that it was not realistic that day-to-day childcare would be exercised equally by both parents after the divorce and that legislation favored parents’ rights over those of children, Kathimerini reported.

“I cannot vote for the bill unless the word” equal “is deleted from the provision according to which parental responsibility is exercised” jointly and equally “, said Kefalogianni during a debate before Justice Minister Kostas Tsiaras.

“It is good to ask the scientific community and use common sense. Children need both parents, but there cannot be horizontal and rigid solutions. Everyday life needs to be managed by whoever has custody, ”she added.

Like Amnesty, they said they were concerned about a provision that would allow perpetrators of domestic violence or sexual offenses to retain access or custody of children until they are convicted by a court of first instance, which puts children at risk.

Kefalogianni said children could sometimes be cared for by an abusive parent, and she and Giannakou opposed strict division of time to coexist with the out-of-custody parent, arguing the right was already protected by law. Kefalogianni said the bill appears to have been written with the intention of only helping non-caring parents. “The bill is divided instead of unified. Instead of solving problems, she manages, “she told the House, adding that” responsibility rests with the Justice Minister, “in an unusual blow to him.

Tsiaras previously said he would listen to objections. “We are a democratic party. We can talk. We can also hear a different point of view, ”Tsiaras said, but said he would not make sweeping changes that he said would“ deconstruct ”the proposed bill.

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