Ugly divorce with Naga Chaitanya on alleged 200 crore alimony 5 instances as Southern famous person made noise!

Samantha has been part of a lot of headlines and controversy this year (Photo Credit – Instagram; Facebook)

Actress Samantha has been through many ups and downs this year, especially after announcing her divorce from husband Naga Chaitanya. Although the couple announced their split last year, this year has seen a lot of backlash, hatred and trolling for the actress, leading to her making headlines on several occasions.

Months after splitting up with Naga, Chaitanya and Samantha have grabbed eyeballs for a variety of reasons. Well, here are the top five controversial topics that Samantha was surrounded by and also made headlines. Check out these times.

Did Chay blame her for The Family Man 2?

Quite a few people have started saying that Chaitanya was hurt by Samantha’s role in The Family Man 2 web series. At one point, Chaitanya told the media that he chooses his roles very carefully so that neither his family nor his personal life is affected by those roles. According to the Times of India, Samantha’s bold performance on the web series was said to be one of the reasons for their split.

Deletion of the separation post

A few months after the split, the actress deleted the post announcing her divorce from her husband Naga Chaitanya. came soon. Many rumors are circulating that the couple is planning to reconcile. However, a source close to Samantha told the media that she is trying to keep her social media profile clean.

Alimony from Rs 200 cr

One rumor that Samantha herself has responded to is that she took Rs.200 crore Alimony. According to the Times of India, Samantha allegedly turned down the offer of child support on the grounds that she is an independent woman and a self-made star who does not need child support to separate from her partner.

Opens to Divorce

After being silent and silent for a whole month, Samantha finally answered all questions about her divorce on Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee with Karan Season 7. While on the show, Samantha said that when she and Chaitanya get together in a room , all sharp objects would have to be hidden. And that makes it very clear that they have so much anger and resentment towards each other that if they are in a room together they could kill each other.

Rumor about Sobhita Dhulipala & Naga Chaitanya dating

A few months ago there were rumors that Naga Chaitanya is dating Major heroine Sobhita Dhulipala. People on social media started badmouthing Samantha after this rumor circulated, saying it was her PR team trying to fabricate these rumors. “Rumors About Girls – Must Be True!! Rumors About Boys – Planted By Girls!! wake up boys The parties involved have clearly moved on. You should keep going too!! Focus on your work…on your families…keep on!!” Samantha tweeted.

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