Unusual animations about infidelity, warfare, and smoking cessation

Bill Plympton creates fascinating animations from the caricature. Although he only works with simple drawing materials, he overcomes these limits by infusing everything he does with eccentric charm, which is evident in works such as his 1987 Oscar-winning short film Your Face. The Criterion Channel has a collection of 22 short films and features by Plympton that are phasing out later this month. Here are some highlights of the program that you should review before it leaves the platform.

Cheatin ‘(2013)

A ridiculous war between romance and heartbreak, this film follows Ella and Jake, an extremely devoted couple who turn each other on after a series of misunderstandings. This Kickstarter-funded feature takes a look at monogamy and relationships, using some science fiction twists for good measure.

Check it out here.

25 Ways To Quit Smoking (1989

This early short film is essentially an excuse for Plympton to demonstrate the breadth of his imagination and ability. Any suggestion to quit smoking is more absurd than the last and also more entertaining.

Check it out here.

The Tune (1992)

Plympton’s first feature film brings together ideas from his previous shorts for an expanded parody of old-fashioned animated musicals and children’s films, followed by a songwriter whose search for the “perfect” song takes him to the bizarre city of “Flooby Nooby”. It’s a loosely structured excuse for Plympton to do whatever comes on his mind and a constant reward.

Check it out here.

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