UP The lady’s genitals are sewn with aluminum that suspects infidelity

Previously, a husband had taped his wife’s genitals after suspecting that she was cheating on him. Now a man from Uttar Pradesh, India, sewed his wife’s genitals with aluminum thread suspected of adultery, News18 reported.

The terrible incident occurred in the Milak region in the UP district of Rampur. The husband, a driver by profession, suspected his wife of infidelity and asked her to prove her innocence through such a terrible fidelity test.

After the woman agreed to take the Agni Pariksha, the husband tied her limbs together, sewed her intimate parts together, and then fled the spot, leaving the woman with pain and bleeding.

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The 24-year-old victim was then able to contact her mother, who then took her to the nearby community health center. She reportedly filed a police complaint against her son-in-law.

Milak Region District Officer (CO) Srikant Prajapati told Times Of India: “The defendant is a drunk man. He drives a combine and often went out for days during harvest time. He suspected that his wife was in a relationship with another man. He didn’t feel guilty for what he did. “

After a thorough medical examination, the doctors confirmed the attack. Rampur’s Superintendent of Police (SP) Shogun Gautam also said the woman had been seriously injured.

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She said, “The woman’s medical examination confirmed that she had sustained serious injuries in her private areas. Her husband was arrested and sent to prison. We’ll make sure she is treated appropriately in the government hospital. “

In her testimony to police, the woman stated that she was also molested by her husband and once miscarried after he kicked her. She announced that although she agreed to take the loyalty test, in her wildest dreams she never thought that her husband would bow to this low.

“My husband beat me up for no reason. He also suspected that I was having an extramarital affair. I never thought that he would indulge in such a horrific deed. “

The police have taken the defendant into custody and booked him under several sections of India’s Criminal Code. IMO, it is better for such criminal minded people to stay locked up in jail until they learn a lesson.

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