Urdunama, View of ‘Bewafai’ by way of poetry, how infidelity and betrayal harm the self

As indicated by this famous quote from Lord Byron, “wives become more subtle in the absence of their husbands, and daughters sometimes run off with the butler,” any form of infidelity or bewafai comes from absence. The Urdu poet Ahmad Faraz also once wrote that due to the intense separation, the poet probably had to resort to the act of disloyalty for the first time.

Is qadar musalsal thin shiddatenn judai ki

Aaj pehli baar us se maine bewafai ki

But the question is, why do people cheat? The answer is simple – because they have to.

Tune in as Fabeha Syed analyzes the idea of ​​Bewafai and reads some of the ashaar written on the subject of infidelity by poets like Mirza Ghalib, Kaifi Azmi, Bashir Badr and more.

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