Victory! 5 Alterlock GPS Monitoring Alterlock Models to win, price £ 114.99 every

This week’s competition is brought to you by Alterlock, an award-winning Japanese tech company that wants to give you peace of mind when you’re in the middle of the ride during a coffee break or need to leave your bike unattended for long periods of time.

Alterlock’s design is a sleek, lightweight anti-theft and GPS tracking system unit that attaches to your bike via the water bottle cage mounts. It’s designed to disappear into the overall aesthetics of your bike and sit tucked away under your bottle cage. It’s not designed to physically prevent theft, but rather to reduce your fear that your lock will be broken if you leave and you will lose your bike forever. If Alterlock is installed and alarmed, you can track the location of your bike in this case.

Alterlock has five units that can be gifted to five readers, and each is worth £ 115. All of them get a one month free trial to play with the system and see how it works. This can then be expanded according to your requirements.

The new Alterlock will be officially launched in Europe in spring 2021, after the first version was successfully launched in Japan at the end of 2018. Japan is a country that is widely recognized to have very low crime rates, but Alterlock claims the Japanese have had problems with umbrella, bicycle, and bizarre saddle theft … 5800 of them from a man!

Back in February, Anna wrote an introduction to Alterlock and how it works (you can read the full article here). Suffice it to say, it packs some very clever things into this sleek design. As the Alterlock product / service has not yet been launched in Europe, we look forward to testing how it works when we receive our test device.

You can find a full overview of how it works on the Alterlock website. Here is a brief summary of how it works:

1) Your phone is your lock key and will lock / unlock your bike before riding it.

2) Once locked, a warning alarm will sound if someone knocks on your bike or pull it to see how well it is locked (with a traditional lock). The level of shaking can be adjusted to detect the finest movements if kept in a safe place like your lockup. Alterlock has developed its own vibration detection algorithm to avoid false positives and to set a quieter tone for small movements that may occur in the duty cycle rack or outside the coffee shop.

3) If your bike is moved, i.e. stolen, an alarm will sound and your phone will receive live tracking information through the GPS module and Sigfox communication system, which unlike Bluetooth does not require you to be within range of the device.

4) The new 2nd generation model also accesses Wi-Fi signals, so you can pinpoint the location of your bike even when nothing is visible.

5) The device can be equipped with anti-theft screws to prevent it from being removed quickly with a common Allen key.

As with many similar products in the world of motorcycles and car trackers, there is a subscription to a bike protection service that costs £ 3.49 a month or £ 34.99 a year. The contest prize is a 1 month free connection so you can play and see if you want to continue. It all sounds very cool and high tech and we can’t wait to test it out!

Please note that this competition is only open to the following European countries: Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Finland.

All you have to do to win one of five units is go down and fill out the entry form.

The registration form is below. Can not you see it? Click here!

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