Wang LeeHom loses endorsement offers with not less than four manufacturers after his spouse’s infidelity allegations

Infiniti’s Wang LeeHom, Readboy, Chow Tai Seng & Green Monday dropped

A celebrity’s success depends heavily on their public image. Those with a good reputation will find brands struggle to be associated with them.

However, those who behave improperly in private will suddenly go from hero to zero within a few hours.

This is what singer Wang LeeHom is going through right now, with at least 4 brands ending their advertising deals with him.


That was after his wife made explosive revelations about his alleged infidelity.

Wang has received many confirmations

Until now, 45-year-old Wang had a virtuous image thanks to his good looks and status as a family man.

He has 3 children with his wife Lee Jinglei, ages 7, 5 and 3.

Wang Leehom wifesource

Because of this, many companies have viewed him as their brand ambassador.

Virtuous image dissolves

It all dissolved in a spectacular way shortly after Wang announced the end of his 8-year marriage.

That was apparently the signal for the newly released Lee to make a detailed Instagram statement on Saturday morning (December 18th).

It contained allegations of “multiple affairs” of her husband and “engagement of prostitutes”.

The response on social media has been quick.

Japanese car company first to drop it

The Japanese auto company Infiniti was the first to respond with a post on Weibo on Saturday (December 18) at 1:22 a.m. – barely 2 hours after his wife’s post.

They said they had decided to end their partnership with Wang with immediate effect.


This must be particularly painful for Wang, as the partnership was only announced a few days earlier.


On December 16, two days before his wife’s allegations came to light, Wang happily announced the collaboration on his Weibo profile.


Unfortunately for him it was short-lived.

3 more tokens drop it

Right on the heels of Infiniti, Readboy (读书 郎) – a Chinese manufacturer of e-learning products – posted on Weibo at 7:58 a.m.

They said they had already ended their partnership with Wang.


At 9:53 a.m., Chow Tai Seng (周大生 珠宝) – a jewelry company – followed suit and fired him via Weibo.

They confirmed that her contract with Wang expired on November 30th and will not be renewed.


After all, Wang was the brand ambassador for Green Monday, a Hong Kong-based company that supplies herbal products.

A cached photo of Wang from the Green Monday website

However, in a quick Weibo post at 1:19 p.m., Green Monday said they had stopped all business relationships with Wang.


This includes 2 of the brands under the company, Green Common and OMNI.

Wang seen at Beijing Airport

Wang himself has so far remained silent about his wife’s allegations.

However, he was photographed on the morning of the Beijing airport on Saturday (December 18), reported Sina Entertainment.


He wore an all black ensemble and waved to the camera but didn’t stop saying anything.

Public perception is important to celebs

While the allegations against Wang are grave, we should point out that they are still unproven.

However, it seems that celebs are guilty until proven innocent because what really matters is public perception.

It remains to be seen whether more brands will sever ties with Wang and whether he can find a way back into public favor.

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Featured image by Lee Jinglei on Instagram and Sina Entertainmet on Weibo.

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