Watch the Lifetime Film Lethal Infidelity on-line without cost

Lifetime starts in 2022 with the brand new thriller Deadly infidelity. It’s another “coma awakening” that has changed a lot since the victim passed out. In this case, waking up leads to a whole new nightmare.

The date and time of the premiere of Deadly Infidelity is Saturday, January 1st, 2022 at 8/7c exclusively on the Lifetime cable channel. It is the first of four new “Deadly” films that Lifetime will debut over the course of around 24 hours.

Find out how to stream and watch Deadly Infidelity online for free wirelessly on Lifetime, either live or on-demand, anytime after the premiere.

This is how you see fatal infidelity with Philo

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Deadly Infidelity Lifetime Preview

The official lifetime synopsis for Deadly Infidelity is as follows. “When a woman wakes up from a month-long coma, she finds that the memories of the past five years with her husband and daughter are gone. But it gets dangerous when a man she can’t remember shows up and claims they are having a passionate affair. “

Kate Watson, Anna Marie Dobbins and Houston Rhines star in Deadly Infidelity.

The four “Deadly” films premiering this weekend are Deadly Infidelity and Deadly Cheers on Saturday, then Deadly Ex Next Door and Deadly Garage Sale on Sunday.

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