Wendy Williams doesn’t have to pay child support to Kevin Hunter

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Wendy Williams does not have to pay child support to her ex-husband Kevin Hunter, court documents show Radar Online. In December, Hunter filed a lawsuit demanding the media titan resume paying child support after she stopped sending spousal support in October 2021. Hunter claimed he was “broke” and “can’t pay his bills,” but this week a New Jersey judge dismissed the lawsuit.

According to court documents, the judge found Kevin’s claims “not objectionable” and dismissed the lawsuit “with prejudice.” The judge also denied Hunter’s previous request for payment of his legal fees.

So far it looks like Wendy is in the clear, but things could change if Hunter decides to take the case to mediation.

“The parties are expected to participate in binding arbitration,” the judge said in a statement. “The problems surrounding the severance pay and the [Qualified Domestic Relations Order] are controversial and must therefore be mediated.”

Inside his suit, Hunter, 50, claimed the former shock jock stopped handing out child support around the same time she lost her contract with Talk WW, the production company behind the Wendy Williams Show.

Wendy’s lawyers filed a divorce petition and found the star had hit a financial dead end after she was suspended from the popular daytime talk show. Documents showed she stopped receiving salary in October 2021, around the same time she disappeared from the show due to multiple health issues.

“On October 15, 2021, Talk WW notified the plaintiff that her contract was being suspended and that no compensation would be due or payable to the plaintiff for the duration of the plaintiff’s disability or disability,” Williams’ attorney said.

They also noted that Hunter “understands and agrees” that “all severance payments will be either terminated or amended” if Wendy’s contract “is not renewed and/or otherwise suspended, terminated or terminated.”

Kevin Hunter claimed he couldn’t pay his homeowner fees and car insurance

In his desperate request last year, Hunter claimed he had defaulted on several bills.

“I currently live in a community that requires payments to the Homeowners Association and I am in arrears on this bill. If the homeowners association dues are not paid, foreclosure will soon follow,” he pleaded.

“My car insurance wasn’t paid because I didn’t receive monthly severance payments. I’m behind on credit card payments because I haven’t had any money since severance payments were suspended,” he continued.

“My life has been severely affected since the plaintiff stopped making payments under our settlement agreement,” Wendy’s ex added. “The fact that I am unable to sustain my life and pay my bills properly is extremely striking to me. I can’t pay my bills and make my daily living.”

Williams jumped on the broomstick with Hunter in 1997 but filed for divorce in 2019 after having a child with then-lover-wife Sharina Hudson.

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