Wendy Williams’ ex-husband recordsdata youngster assist funds

“If for any reason [Plaintiffs] Agreement with Talk WW is not renewed and/or otherwise suspended, terminated or terminated, and [Plaintiff] has no other television show airing and pays her an equivalent salary, [Defendant] understands and agrees that all severance payments must be either terminated or amended,” the court document continued.

The attorney added that Hunter Sr. did not receive payment from her client because “she currently has no other television show that is airing that is paying her an income, let alone an equivalent salary.”

Hunter Sr. previously filed a $10 million wrongful termination lawsuit against Williams’ network in June 2022 after her show was canceled.

Williams’ disappearance from the air began early in her show’s fall 2021 season in September, when she was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation. Since then, Williams has experienced a host of health issues — in addition to financial woes from being cut off from her salary.

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