Wendy Williams' ex-husband was sued for overpaying child support because the guardian demanded repayment

Former talk show queen Wendy Williams finds herself embroiled in legal drama again, this time with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter at the center of the storm. Hunter is currently suing Williams for two years' worth of back alimony payments after the two were allegedly abruptly dumped when Williams began drinking again after the divorce and quit her talk show. But the conspiracy deepens when Williams' court-appointed financial guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, filed documents demanding that Hunter return $112,500 in child support payments that she claims he mistakenly overpaid.

The US Sun reports that Morrissey claims that under the couple's prenuptial agreement, Hunter was entitled to severance pay from Williams if her annual income exceeded a certain threshold. However, Morrissey argues that Hunter continued to receive payments even though Williams no longer met the criteria outlined in the agreement because Williams did not serve as host of The Wendy Williams Show throughout her final season and her entire salary payments were stopped in October 2021.

The court filing alleges that Hunter's receipt of $112,500 in overpaid alimony constitutes unjust enrichment at the expense of Williams. Morrissey is now seeking a court order to force Hunter to repay the amount plus any accrued interest.

In addition to the financial dispute, Morrissey is also trying to place a gag order on Hunter to prevent him from speaking about the case. The move underscores the escalating tensions between Williams and Hunter as their legal battle becomes public.


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