Wendy Williams’ ex Kevin Hunter claims he can’t pay bills and faces foreclosure after Star stopped paying child support

WENDY Williams’ ex Kevin Hunter has claimed he can’t pay his bills and faces foreclosure after the star stopped paying child support, new court documents revealed.

In the shocking court filing, obtained exclusively by The US Sun, Wendy’s ex claimed that his monthly payments, which the star had made as agreed in their divorce, suddenly stopped in February 2022.

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband has asked the court to order his alimony payments to resumePhoto credit: BackGrid
Kevin Hunter has been living in Florida with his mistress since his split from the TV presenterCredit: MEGA for The US Sun

Kevin asked that the court order Wendy’s guardian to “make any payments contractually required under the MSA and Separation Agreement.”

As The US Sun first reported exclusively, Wendy, 58, was placed under financial guardianship earlier this year.

On his filing, Kevin told the court that he was 100 percent dependent on the payments stipulated in their prenup to live.

“I’ve defaulted on most of my bills. I currently live in a community that requires payments to the Homeowners Association and I am in arrears on this bill.

“If the homeowners association dues are not paid, foreclosure will soon follow,” Kevin said in his pleading in court of the home he shares with his mistress and her beloved child.

“My car insurance wasn’t paid because I didn’t receive monthly severance payments. I’m behind on credit card payments because I haven’t had any money since severance payments were suspended,” Kevin continued in his filing.

“My life has been severely impacted since the plaintiff stopped making payments under our settlement agreement,” Wendy’s ex-husband added.

In addition to the myriad of pressing financial matters Wendy’s ex claimed he was facing, he also claimed that he didn’t have health insurance.

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The father-of-two claimed he needed hip surgery, which he could not afford without insurance, and was living with daily pain as a result of not being treated.

“The fact that I am unable to sustain my life and pay my bills properly is extremely striking to me. I can’t pay my bills and I can’t sustain my daily living.”

Kevin also argued that Wendy’s guardian never gave him a reason as to why the payments stopped in the first place.


In hitting back on Kevin’s demand for payment, The US Sun exclusively revealed earlier this week that the former TV host’s attorney had filed saying the star had had no income from The Wendy Williams Show since October 2021, just a month after a full season of the show running in her absence.

“On October 15, 2021, Talk WW notified the plaintiff that her contract was being suspended and that no compensation would be due or payable to the plaintiff for the duration of the plaintiff’s disability or disability,” Wendy’s attorney wrote.

The former talk show host’s attorney went on to cite the divorce agreement she and Kevin signed in January 2020.

“If for any reason [Plaintiffs] Agreement with Talk WW is not renewed and/or otherwise suspended, terminated or terminated and [Plaintiff] has no other television show airing and pays her an equivalent salary, [Defendant] understands and agrees that all severance payments must be either canceled or amended,” Wendy’s attorney said, citing the exes’ agreement.

Wendy’s attorney continued that her client has not received a salary from Talk WW since October 2021 and that “she currently has no other television show that is airing that pays her an income, let alone an equivalent salary.”

Wendy’s absence from her show began in September at the start of her fall 2021 season — days later, Wendy was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation.

Wendy reportedly made $10 million a year, or $55,000 per episode, for The Wendy Williams Show.


As The US Sun first exclusively reported, Wells Fargo froze her accounts in January this year over fears Wendy was “insane” and the bank suspected “financial exploitation, dementia or improper influence.”

In another exclusive article by The US Sun in May, it was revealed that Wendy had subsequently been placed under financial guardianship.


Wendy spent two months in a rehab in Malibu, California, treating severe alcoholism, sources claimed.

The host, who previously claimed she was sober, had a series of public alcohol incidents before checking into rehab in August for severe alcoholism.

“Alcohol has been a real struggle for her in recent years. She battles severe alcohol abuse mixed with serious health issues,” an insider close to the star claimed of her stint in rehab.

She was treated for “extreme alcohol abuse.” She had numerous doctors telling her for years, ‘If you drink, you will die.’ She never really wanted to stop and the people around her in New York allowed her to continue drinking.”


Wendy was absent throughout the final season of The Wendy Williams Show as she struggled with a myriad of health issues including Graves’ disease, lymphedema and substance abuse.

Her longtime production company Debmar-Mercury announced that her show was officially canceled earlier this summer and that Wendy’s time slot would go to her former guest host Sherri Shepherd.

Wendy previously claimed she’s starting a podcast, although it’s unclear if episodes have been recorded so far.

Wendy has no clear income and as of January she no longer has full control over her bank accounts.

Wendy’s financial conservatorship began in March and became permanent in May.

Kevin and Wendy split in 2019 after his affair and love child were revealedPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty
Kevin was also her manager and executive producer of The Wendy Williams ShowPhoto credit: Getty
Kevin claims he faces foreclosure for suspended child support payments at his Florida homeCredit: The US Sun

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