Wendy Williams’ ex Kevin Hunter refuses to pay child support

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While her absence from daytime television is widely felt, media sleuth Wendy Williams still manages to make headlines for her always interesting (read: controversial!) personal life. The latest concerns her notorious ex-husband Kevin Hunter, who must find a new way to pay the bills after a judge denied his request for future child support payments from his former multimillionaires.

As you might have guessed, in viral news there is social media – hey, Black Twitter! – already behaving. Below are some hilarious examples:

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According to The US Sun, a New Jersey judge ruled that Williams’ financial guardian, Hunter, would no longer have to pay alimony checks after their divorce was finalized in January 2020. 50 split over the sale of a mansion they once shared in Livingston, New Jersey. The judge called Hunter’s request for further alimony after the checks stopped in February 2022 “non-urgent” and also ordered that “the request be dismissed with prejudice.”

More details below via The US Sun. We warn you…it’s getting pretty desperate:

“In his filing, Kevin told the court that his livelihood depended on the payments stipulated in their prenuptial agreement.

“I’m late on most of my bills.” I currently live in a community that requires homeowners’ association payments and I’m behind on this bill.

“If the homeowners’ association dues aren’t paid, foreclosure will follow soon,” Kevin said in his pleading in court regarding the home he shares with his young mother and her beloved child.

“My car insurance wasn’t paid because I didn’t receive monthly severance payments.

“I’m behind on credit card payments because I haven’t had any money since the severance payments were suspended,” Kevin continued in his filing.

“My life has been severely impacted since the plaintiff stopped making payments under our settlement agreement.”

If that didn’t scare you, Hunter, 50, also cites his lack of health insurance coverage as another reason why child support payments should continue. He added that without these checks, a necessary hip surgery that causes him “daily pain” would be prohibitive, telling the court: “The fact that I’m not able to go about my life and pay my bills properly , is extremely worrying for me. I can’t pay my bills and I can’t make a living.”

May we ask: Whose fault is that?!

Wendy’s attorney responded more logically, explaining that the troubled talk show host has had no income of her own since October 2021, when her contract from The Wendy Williams Show was suspended. In short, where does he expect her to get the steady income to pay him? As our dear sister Tisha Campbell exclusively told us recently at the 2023 Red Dress Collection concert: “How can you give to anyone when your well is dry?”

Is Kevin Hunter wrong for bleeding Wendy’s pockets dry, or is he entitled to what the court awarded him by law? Let us know what you think about it!

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