Wendy Williams’ ex screams after little one assist stops

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 09: (LR) Wendy Williams, Hunter Kevin and Carlos Narcisse attend the ‘Ask Wendy’ Book Release Party at the Pink Elephant on May 9, 2013 in New York City.

Talk show host Wendy Williams, once a trusted source for the hottest celebrity tee, has found herself at the center of a minor mess.

The Root has continued to report on Williams’ ongoing health issues and financial woes. For example, the host stopped paying child support to her ex-husband Kevin Hunter back in February. But now that he’s been cut off, Hunter is crying broke. Wendy’s ex claims he can’t pay his bills and is facing foreclosure on his house. And he’s asking a court to intervene.

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Williams was released from a wellness facility in October. And now Hunter is trying to force her guardian to pay him so he doesn’t lose his home. “I’ve defaulted on most of my bills. I currently live in a community that requires payments to the homeowners association and I am in arrears on that bill,” Hunter said in his appeal to the court for help. “If the homeowners association fees are not paid, foreclosure will follow soon.”

Just in case you’ve forgotten, Williams and Hunter ended their 20-year marriage in January 2020 after Hunter impregnated a woman he was having an affair with. Hunter now shares the home he fears losing with his mistress Sharina Hudson and her beloved child.

It’s also important to note that, as reported by The Sun, the former talk show host has not been paid by The Wendy Williams Show since October 2021 and has no other appearances scheduled at this time. “On October 15, 2021, Talk WW notified the plaintiff that her contract was being suspended and that no compensation would be due or payable to the plaintiff for the duration of the plaintiff’s disability or disability,” Wendy’s attorney said.

The attorney also pointed out that the couple’s divorce settlement provides for payments to be adjusted or canceled in the event Wendy is not working.

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“If for any reason [Plaintiffs] Agreement with Talk WW is not renewed and/or otherwise suspended, terminated or terminated and [Plaintiff] has no other television show airing and pays her an equivalent salary, [Defendant] understands and agrees that all termination benefits must be either terminated or amended.”

Seems Hunter, once the executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show, will have to start looking for a new job.

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