Wendy Williams Reveals Infidelity In Biography “Wendy Williams: The Film” [ARTICLE]

The film, which premiered exclusively on US television Lifetime on January 30, was produced by Executive Wendy and directed by Daren Grant.

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Narrated by Ciera Payton The story Wendy plays in the biography reveals some devastating details about her 21-year marriage to Hunter.

The TV host’s page describes her ex-manager and ex-husband as a “serial cheater” before and during their marriage as she shares how she discovered he had the infamous affair that led to the arrival of his love child and then the end of their marriage in 2019.

The famous TV star also set out to finish her boobs, suffer multiple miscarriages, and deal with cocaine addiction while struggling to expand her media career.

Following the explosive biopic, Wendy released a documentary entitled “Wendy Williams: What a Mess!”. Both shows were broadcast exclusively on Lifetime.

Check out the trailer:

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