Wendy's ex-husband has been ordered by the Guardian to pay back $112,000 in overpaid child support

Wendy's ex-husband Kevin might have to cough up a few coins!

Sabrina Morrissey, Wendy's guardian, filed a lawsuit demanding that Wendy Williams' ex-husband Kevin pay back $112,000 in overpaid child support, a violation of their prenuptial agreement, The Sun reported. According to the outlet, the agreement states that “payments to Mr. Hunter should cease if Wendy's annual earned income is less than twice her then-current annual income.” Since “The Wendy Williams Show” stopped making repayments to Wendy in October 2021, Payments to Hunter should also have stopped, but he continued to receive severance pay until January 2022, violating the original agreement.

Dish Fam, should Kevin have to pay back the overpayment?

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