West Midlands Police will obtain 13,000 lacking individual stories – together with an eight-month-old child – in 2021

Last year police received reports of 13,000 missing people, including an eight-month-old baby who was later tracked down.

West Midlands Police investigation teams have been involved in just over 13,000 missing person reports – from an eight-month-old baby to a 95-year-old man.

These included a vulnerable 16-year-old boy who was a victim of labor exploitation. He has been fully covered since then and is now committed to educational services.

“Sharp increase” in 999 emergency calls over Christmas

Police also helped find a woman with mental health problems who turned into poor sleep and is now home receiving a support package.

The specialized locate unit was initially started in 2016 as a pilot approach and was ready for nationwide use in the following summer.

A team starts an investigation when initial contacts remain empty during address checks, with family and friends, and in hospitals.

Location officers then run a series of queries, including video surveillance, cellphone, and transactions, to track down a missing person’s movements and find them as quickly as possible.

Detective Inspector Phil Poole said, “There can be a variety of reasons why someone is missing, but our focus is on finding them safe and sound as soon as possible.

“It’s a stressful time to be with family and friends, and when it’s someone in particular, the clock is ticking.

“You have to think about the best way to track someone down without causing harm or trouble.

“We have had tremendous support and support from the public posting appeals on social media – for which we are always grateful.

“Whenever we report a report, we have to take a step back and consider the best way to find someone and consider the impact this could have on a person at risk.

“Fortunately, we have great, experienced teams who have proven time and again that they know what is best for a successful investigation.

“It’s a nice feeling when you’ve helped someone reunite their loved ones.”

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