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Our correspondent speaks to some married couples about the choices they would make if their partners became involved in infidelity

I would forgive him

Aanu Adegbite

Despite the fact that we are one as a couple, we are still individually accountable to God. To be faithful does not depend on my spouse, but on God who commanded it. Partner’s infidelity is not an excuse to get involved in the same thing. While it can be painful when we all realize that our lives are accountable to God, there are some things we will not do, and when others around us fall into sin, forgiving them should be the key.

I would find out why she is getting into it

Victor Adisa

If I find real evidence against her, I’ll give her a call to explain why she committed such an act. The explanation may indicate where we were both wrong and led the other partner to commit infidelity. If the excuses she gives are real, we can both change our ways and forgive each other. Forgiveness is really relevant.

I will end unprotected sex with him
Helen Omi

If my husband indulges in infidelity, I would definitely stop any sexual act between us so that I don’t get infected or affected in any way. I wouldn’t stop being a good wife to him, but my energy would be focused on me and my children. But if he insists on having sex, I still have to let him be my husband. I would just tell him to use condoms so he knows I won’t trust him again. If I deny it, I push it out all the more. If he still persists in his infidelity, I would call a family reunion on the matter. I would give him my terms and conditions: he must swear and sign a pledge that it wouldn’t happen again. I would also ask various doctors to give proper accounts of his state of health. Even after all of this, I would still protect myself until I see changes in him. If he doesn’t give up, I’ll have to draw the curtain in filing for a divorce.

I would forgive her if she stopped acting

Rasheed Yusuf

Infidelity is harmful to any relationship for both parties, and it is worse when women practice it because it is easy for a woman to father and give birth to children out of wedlock without her husband knowing. If my spouse commits infidelity, the first thing I will do is to take the time to find out the truth and get my facts and evidence so that I don’t wrongly accuse them. If I found out that it was true, I would advise and warn them as the first action may be a mistake. If it repeats, it is intentional. If she has two or three children to me, I would let her live in my house for those children, but I would stop having intimacy with her. If she only has one child or none, I’d rather end the relationship.

He should be ready to face the consequences

Adeola Olayiwola-Jacobs

Different things work for different people. I do not recommend divorce for infidelity. I can actually forgive infidelity, but I cannot forget and remembering means that he should be ready to face whatever the result of his betrayal will produce in me. If I can take it, he should take it too. There is a difference between hearing or watching chats or messages when you see your partner with the person he is cheating with. You can forgive if you haven’t seen, but if you have seen, the scenario won’t just go away. It takes the grace of God to erase it. A man who really loves his partner is definitely not going to hurt them and vice versa. I also believe that a man or woman who cheats on their partner wishes them death. All of these “side chicks” are ready to do anything to have this man, including killing the wige. When the time comes, it’s better we part ways.

I would forgive her and move on

Michael Oladosu

First of all, I see no reason why my spouse is cheating. If she gets involved, it means I’ve made room for it. I will self-assess and see what I did wrong to justify this. Whatever caused it, I would forgive her and we move on. As I said earlier, my spouse has no reason to engage in infidelity if, in one way or another, I haven’t done anything wrong.

I would ignore him

Yvonne uyanwune

To be honest, this life is too short to stress me out about such issues. I will speak to my spouse and explain the dangers of infidelity, especially with sexually transmitted diseases and even HIV. I will focus on my job, my children and my calling. I can’t kill myself. I’ll focus on looking beautiful like I always do. Many helpless victims need my time and energy. I can’t waste it on someone who decided to sleep around. Men don’t even understand that women spend a lot of time, energy, and resources on them. It is high time that faithful, good women were valued.

It’s over between us

Neye Solomon

The Bible says the only sin your wife can commit that will justify you to divorce her is fornication, which is infidelity. Such an act is against our contract as a couple for emotional and sexual exclusivity. It’s pretty obvious that I can’t take such a woman back because she intends to flirt around at will. It’s definitely over between us. It would most likely also affect the family – children and others – both morally and emotionally. It is important to check the spouse in case this act was a habit for their lifestyle before taking them to the altar.

I would find out what I did wrong

Dr. Rose Mbata

When my spouse is infidelity, I know immediately that something has gone wrong because I know my spouse well. He has never cheated on me since our advertising days and he loves me so much and he is so proud of me. I’ll check myself out to find out what went wrong with me, where I went wrong, and to make it up to you. If he is mad at me and does this to annoy me, I will apologize profusely and spoil him. I know my husband He’ll grab me, kiss me, and make his usual jokes on me. Matter closed.

Your cause would influence my decision

Habib Toyib |

It is natural that my immediate reaction to this will only be driven by emotion. But I will avoid a situation that causes a verbal and physical fall situation because it will make the situation worse. I would rather direct my anger into a more physical adventure by engaging in activities that burn off some of the adrenaline, anger, and anger that naturally come with such development. My next step will be to make a holistic decision about whether to save the ugly situation or get a divorce. This decision is determined by factors such as the cause of the infidelity and the investment in the marriage in relation to the offspring. It is obvious that cheating is a clear sign of trouble in a marriage. Assessing the cause of infidelity is an important decision-making process. While there is no justification for infidelity, marriage does not necessarily have to end.

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