Which states enforce child support and which don’t? Guide 2023 – Forbes Advisors

If you have been granted child support or have been asked to pay it, you may be wondering which states do not require child support if you move.

For example, if you are entitled to child support and move to another state, you may worry that your spouse will no longer be required to send you money. But that is not the case in most cases. Even if you move and your divorce decree states that alimony is owed, moving to a different location will not remove that requirement.

While things like remarriage or even living with a new partner could potentially end your spousal support depending on the terms of your divorce, simply moving to another state does not usually result in the suspension of spousal support payments.

Even if alimony payments have been imposed on you, you cannot avoid this obligation by moving. The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act ensures that divorce decrees made in one state are enforceable in others.

Usually, the paying spouse can register the maintenance order in the place where the paying spouse is moving, and the courts in the new place of residence will enforce the order. If you are entitled to child support and are in a situation where your ex has moved and is not paying as required, you should consult an experienced family law attorney.

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