Whitney learns information of Ex Avi’s infidelity in an unique Sneak Peek

Whitney Way Thore continues to reveal details about ex-boyfriend Avi’s infidelity. In an exclusive Tuesday preview from PopCulture of the brand new My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney meets a woman from Avi’s past at the Big Girl Retreat and learns new details about what was going on behind her back. When her friend asks how she’s doing since their breakup, Whitney spills tea for her fellow retreat participants.

Whitney met Avi online and dated her ex for almost eight months before learning that he was cheating on her with several women around the world, including a fiancee named Nada who lived in Egypt. “He was with me, lived in Greensboro and was engaged to a woman in Egypt at the same time,” she said. “And then not only did we find that out, I’ve found about 20 women in the last five years, all of whom overlap.” Remembering the “traumatic” discovery, the TLC star remembers confronting Avi with Nada at her side in front of a café.

The preview flashes back to the dramatic confrontation in which Whitney yelled at Avi, “Are you going to get us because we’re fat women?” Nada added, “You still won’t give an explanation?” When Avi rushed to his car to race from the parking lot without saying a word, Whitney asked him, “You have nothing else to say? That sucks right? To be humiliated? Is not it?”

Whitney relived the moment for the other women on the retreat and was shocked when Rebecca reveals her own experience with Avi. “I don’t know if you remember, but I was one of those girls who talked to you,” she tells her. “He asked me out on a date a few days after asking you to be his girlfriend,” she continues. “And I remember that was an important thing because it showed you that he is committed to you right now and then still doing all that stuff behind the scenes.”

Shocked to find that she had already spoken to Rebecca, Whitney tells the camera, “This is crazy. I talked to Rebecca, I literally talked to her and I didn’t remember. I thought her face looked familiar, but I had some kind of Facebook messaging with her all those years ago and I got that out of my head completely. “

Rebecca never met Avi in ​​person, but Whitney can’t believe how close she was “trapped in his trap, too.” Rebecca later tells the cameras that she thinks Avi is a “master manipulator,” but after some online conversations, she didn’t find him “tempting” and broke off communication. “But when Whitney posted about doing this to her, I commented on her post and said I spoke to him,” she continues. “And that’s how I felt comfortable just sharing the news with her, and we found that he asked me out on a date just a few days after asking her to be his girlfriend.” My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC

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