Who Cheats Extra Males or Girls Infidelity Statistics (2021)

Are you looking for the latest infidelity statistics, who is cheating on more men or women? If so, this article will help you know the infidelity statistics for 2021. So let’s get started!

▣ Who Cheats on Men or Women More? ▣


➤ According to the latest research statistics, 66.9 percent of husbands are who have cheated on their wives more than once.

In contrast, women who cheated on their husbands more than once account for up to 53.1 percent.

➤ Another study shows that 48% of men and 73.7% of women cheated on their partners because of marital problems.

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➤ 19.8% of men and 49.8% of women cheat on their partner because they are interested in someone else.

➤ Approximately 40% of women and 30.5% of men are involved in cheating on their spouse for engaging in cybersex relationships with someone else.

➤ Likewise, 34.6% of women and 25.9% of men cheat on their partner after getting bored of their current sex life.

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∎ Top 10 reasons why people cheated or cheated ∎

Here are the top 10 reasons people cheat or have cheated in their relationships.

1. You are bored in the existing relationship

According to the Infidelity Institute’s findings, men and women are likely to deceive each other by becoming bored. In a survey study, 13 out of 20 women were involved in cheating after becoming bored with their spouse.

So many people start cheating on one another when they are fed up with or bored of each other’s company.

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2. Financial problems in a marriage

Financial instability in a relationship after marriage also forces the spouse to have affairs with others. As a result of this type of affair, married life is ruined.

While cheating on one another due to financial problems in a relationship, people begin to enjoy sex with a opposite sex in search of peace.

3. Emotional stress

One report of infidelity found that men are more likely to have affairs with the opposite sex because of emotional stress.

If he does not find emotional peace in his married life, he is more likely to cheat.

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4. Because of problems in marital relationships

The latest data on infidelity also shows that a man or woman can cheat because of a lack of support and problems in the marriage.

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5. By losing interest in sex with your spouse

Another factor in cheating is loss of sexual interest in your partner in the midst of a happy relationship.

6. Due to the large age difference

Respondents in one study showed that large age differences also lead to people cheating on one another. If it is believed that her own self is likely to be an outsider with her husband, then she can look to other services to date.

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7. Because of immaturity

The fraud data also showed that men or women cheat because of immaturity.

There are many stories where the online cheating trend seems interesting at first but makes people regret it later. Many of them believe they are getting it right but later find out that they were immature.

8. Because of interest in dating

You can also study the stories where respondents indicated that they cheated because of their interest in dating. If you can’t be loyal to a girl, the number of girls in your life will keep increasing.

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9. To get revenge

One study suggests that people cheat to get revenge, especially on online social networks. Revenge can come instantly or after ages if that person’s anger stays the same.

You will find many articles where you can find the men who take revenge on cheating when the circumstances are favorable.

10. Due to poor family background

There are some family studies that show that men cheat more than women and most often enjoy sex with someone other than their wife. A bad family background leads to bad morals in a person and he is more prone to cheating.

◈ What percentage of married men cheat? ◈

According to the latest General Social Survey reports, there are 20% of men who are married but cheat on their wives.

However, the same survey also found that up to 40% of women are currently involved in fraud, 13% in the previous decades.

Although the numbers are mixed, the main pieces of evidence show that the proportion of men who cheat on women is slightly less than that of women.

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❑ Do you really love someone when you cheat on them ❑

There is no clear answer to this question, but it varies from person to person. There are men who claim that they really love a woman even when they cheat on her and vice versa.

However, the extramarital websites and studies suggest that you shouldn’t cheat on a person you love.

Even if you’ve admitted your affairs to her and apologized, you won’t be able to regain her trust like you did before.

❒ How does cheating affect a man? ❒

According to the articles on infidelity, men are very possessive of their wives. Cheating can cause them to suffer an emotional breakdown and compromise less than women.

A woman can forgive her sexual partner for the affair, but it is very difficult for a man. Whatever the factors, the women who cheat seriously injure a man’s ego.

The data showed that when men are betrayed, they experience emotional distress, anger and hatred. As a result of this hatred, some of them may develop false plans for revenge, which they either implement immediately or after a loophole. This gap can be a few weeks or months.

However, there are men who are passive who are not reported to have such intentions. Such men tend to be with their wives for life and are more interested in raising families to make things better.

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▦ What are the characteristics of fraudsters? ▦

Regardless of who is more likely to cheat in men and women, both scammers share some common characteristics such as:

Lack of empathy

No respect regardless of age

Bad Education

Dependence on others


Inability to control impulses

Lack of credibility at any age

frequently asked Questions

Q. What should all men and women do when their partner is cheating on them?

A. Better to either make the final change or end the relationship.

Q. How do you find out if someone is cheating on us?

A. Observe his body language, behavior with you, and other cues. Also, try to check his phone calls and text messages if possible. You can also ask him about this.

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