Why Carmen Barbieri Santiago Child Could Never Forgive Infidelity: ‘We Talked About It…’

An infidelity returned to occupy the center of debate over show events these days, leading to Pepe Cibrian You Nahuel LodiWho was seen in a compromising position after a month of marriage.

If there is Carmen Barbieri He talked about who he had to break up with Santiago bali, when the scandal surrounding his affair with Aileen Paleo broke out. Regarding the matter, Driver was honest on “Manissima,” the show she hosts on Ciudad magazine.

“Carmen, I kept thinking. You said, “If there is love, you must forgive”. But when it happened to you with Santiago Ballo de Aylen, it cost you too. It’s not that easy and they really broke up,” the panelists told him. Estefi Berardik,

“If he were alive now and he had done to me what he did to me, I wouldn’t forgive him either. It’s been 26 years that I’ve lived with a man who is the father of my son Federico,” she replied Carmen Barbieri before the proposal Estef,

“We talked about this issue of infidelity, this issue of the sheets not matching the curtains,” the host said, referring to an intimate agreement they struck up Santiago bali,

“I was the director of this show. She already knew that. I got on my knees and the woman cut her bangs so she bows to 50 people in the cast as she tango and dance to this delusion. Don’t go… and then the country found out about it,” he noted. carmen,

“We all have a bit of guilt here. She wanted to go to the dance, she said so. I couldn’t forgive her and she was terrible with her tongue. Poor Fed who had to bank,” he later said.

“Not following my example, because ‘How can you not forgive after 265 years? How good we were when we were bad, we had nothing to eat and were very happy. When you grow up, you have to let go, understand and forgive,” he concluded. carmen,

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