Why I Won’t Dump My Marriage for Being Unfaithful – Actress Foluke Daramola

Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola said she cannot leave her marriage to Olukayode Salako because of infidelity.

The Yoruba movie star said so in the comments section of a blog post on Instagram while answering a question that was asked. The post read:

“If your husband slept with a rich woman for 20 million and he puts 7 million into your account and later confesses it to you, will you divorce him?”

In response to the question, Foluke wrote:

“No need for 7M, 5M is fine, let’s do 50/50.

Though her comment seemed like a joke, Foluke stood her ground when a fan reminded her that the internet never forgets and insisted she couldn’t leave her marriage for infidelity. She wrote:

“Can you ever stop a man or even a woman from being unfaithful? You often just have to look the other way to keep your relationship or marriage going. I have said it several times that I cannot leave my marriage due to infidelity maybe any form of abuse I may not condone but looking for a Loyal Man???!! Abeg I don’t outgrow it.”

Foluke, who was previously married to film director Tunde Sobowale, married Kayode Salako in February 2015.

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