Wife claims Rs 4.5cr in arrears of alimony from her US resident husband

  • Ahmedabad mirror
  • 03/08/2022 06:00

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Child support payments were first ordered in 1997

HC asks Ms. to provide translated copies of Gujarati documents and previous orders; The government asked that the case be followed up with the US consulate

In a case filed in the Gujarat High Court, a woman has sought contempt of a jury trial against her US-based husband over child support payments. She has claimed that the accumulated amount
the alimony is now a whopping
Rs 4.5 crore.
The woman’s husband has not paid a penny since a lower court issued an order in 1997 to pay her monthly alimony of Rs 1.50.
The matter had been before the High Court since 2017 but was removed from the list without a hearing because the woman had failed to provide English translation copies of Gujarati documents. Senior Counsel Yatin Oza appeared before the Supreme Court on Tuesday and requested the case be reopened, arguing that the woman has been fighting the case for 18 years and the husband has to pay several million rupees in alimony.
The lawyer alleged that seven court orders, including four by the Supreme Court, had been issued but not followed. The wife is going through a difficult financial situation, and the husband lives in the United States. However, the HC required him to submit the necessary documents to his law firm in order to restore the case.
The litigation began in 1997 when the woman filed an application in family court. The lower court later ordered the husband to pay alimony of Rs. 1.50 lakh a month from the date of the complaint in 2003. The husband challenged the order before the HC but received no relief or paid any money.

$6,000 per year salary deduction
The HC criticized the husband’s behavior and asked the government to send a copy of their order to the US Consulate to inform his government that an amount of $6,000 per year should be deducted from the husband’s salary as he has been in arrears since January 16, 1997 and that would be paid to his wife.
The last decree was issued in 2008. When her husband failed to pay money, she filed a contempt motion in court in 2017. The marriage between the two took place in 1992. The husband was then and later a green card holder a permanent citizen of the USA. He had started the process to bring his wife to the US, but in the meantime, problems began to surface between them. He later retired
the process.

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