Windsor Fire Brigade’s Okay-9 finds lacking disabled man | native information

ANDOVER — A K-9 associate of the Windsor Fire Department and his owner are credited with helping save the life of a 28-year-old disabled Texas man who went missing Sunday night.

Jacob (last name not released) was last seen around 1pm walking near the woods where about 50 family members had gathered to celebrate the 4th of July in Andover.

“He was missing for four hours when my K-9 partner Niko and I were called to search for a missing man with disabilities,” Assistant Fire Chief Callie Mallory said.

Mallory and Niko soon joined the Andover Fire Department and Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office at the scene.

“My dog ​​immediately picked up the trail from where Jacob was last seen in the woods,” Mallory said.

When Mallory and Niko tracked the smell, they first came to a park with a boat launch, and when Mallory told people there about Jacob, they said they saw him around 2 p.m., she said. “So I knew my dog ​​was going in the right direction.”

Another man tracked the smell down the street and told Mallory that about 25 minutes earlier he had seen a man matching Jacob’s description.

“We saw Jacob coming our way just down the road,” she said. “When we got back to Jacob’s family reunion, about 50 people gave us a standing ovation. They were so happy.”

Windsor Fire Chief David Turk said it took Mallory and Niko just 25 minutes to find Jacob.

“It was so nice to end the weekend on a high note,” Turk said. “It was a great team effort”

Mallory had Niko, a 3-year-old German shepherd, when he was just 12 weeks old, and she trained him herself, she said.

Jacob is the second missing person Niko has found, she said.

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