Woman brutally harasses her ex-husband's new wife after losing custody

The video went viral on social media shortly after it was posted. Most people were shocked when they saw the clip, while the rest criticized the mother's behavior. Some also cited her behavior as the possible reason for losing custody, calling it “appropriate.” The post was shared two days ago and received 717,000 views from people.

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People shared their views in the comments section. “The violence earned her a prison sentence and the loss of her child…” Her anger and lack of control will plague women and potentially land her back in prison…unless she can change her behavior,” one user said. “Why are people filming and not helping to defuse the situation? “The girl should be arrested and never see her child again,” a second person added.

“Look at the poor kid trying to stop it,” another added. “She was arrested and convicted. Will never get her children back. Bad decision,” a fourth person added. “Going to prison certainly won't help you get custody of your child back,” a fifth person commented. “I can understand why she lost custody, the kid is looking at it,” a sixth user added.

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